Support in implementing the world's first video chat using WebRTC and Jingle. Participation in the secushare project.


RTMP/PSYC-based video chat technology for several clients, mostly as a Javascript-controllable backend to be integrated in graphical applications. Prototype of a push-to-talk video chat for Android and iOS. Prototype of a job interview platform based on RTMP.


Graubuenden live chat with ski world champion Carlo Janka. For the first time we are also delivering the video stream over our own RTMP implementation.


Certificate Patrol, a paranoid Firefox add-on, gains public notoriety. It serves the purpose of monitoring changes in web site certificates. This helps you detect man-in-the-middle attacks against your web surfing experience.


symlynX has PSYC-based videochat and Jingle-based RTMP-Telephony in development. Philipp Hancke initiates a major rewrite and fix of XEP-0220: Server Dialback, the main protocol at the backbone of XMPP federation as yet.


symlynX and friends start an exciting start-up for web-based telephony, voice and video chat and messaging and high scalability infrastructure technology. Fonie.de has been quite a success as a project website, but the team of founders didn't work out, so we had to dismantle this and reorganize our technology back into symlynX. Set-backs happen.


Implementation of a multi-protocol messaging back-end for the MAGIX online desktop project myGOYA.


symlynX developers publish XEP-0185: Dialback Key Generation and Validation and XEP-0190: Best Practice for Closing Idle Streams to fix holes in the design of XMPP/Jabber. In Copenhagen it's Justin Timberlake, P.Diddy, Timbaland, our hosts Juliette and the Licks and various others ready to entertain the fans online.


Each year the MTV Europe Music Awards chat events grow bigger and better! In Lisbon we have Robbie Williams, the Gorillaz, System of a Down, Goldfrapp and many more as our guests. Skin of Skunk Anansie is this year's host. The world invents the word 'Comet' for the sort of push technology we have been doing since 1997.


This year the MTV Europe Music Awards take place in Rome. Our technology starts to support Jabber clients and federation. And we have a robust flash chat now.


Even though T-Online has developed its own moderated chat technology by now, it continues to rely on us for all high-capacity chat events. so should you. this year's highlights: Avril Lavigne, Harrison Ford, President Rau, Sting and several chats with pop-idols from Deutschland sucht den Superstar. symlynX delivers the chat infrastructure for the MTV Europe Music Awards simultanously on 12 EMA websites.


Hard to tell which of hundreds of chat events we have implemented this year were the most interesting, so let's mention those who drew the greatest amount of participants: Germany's leading teen-age stars, the No Angels and Bro'Sis as well as national football stars like Mr. Ballack.


Last year's chat event with Vanessa Amorosi makes it into one of the most popular television shows in Germany: TV TOTAL. Film maker Wim Wenders chooses our technology for an internet appearance on his company's new website. For an MES/MTV chat and concert with R.E.M. we have set up a distributed network of 15 small machines potentially capable of handling about 20'000 users. Both this event for MTV and the politik-digital platform, which was mostly financed through symlynX chat events, are confered a Grimme Online Award. Other successful chat events this year: HIM, Die Ärzte, Roxette, Guano Apes, Lou Bega, Garbage, Right Said Fred, Rednex, Anastacia, the A*Teens and Nigel Kennedy.


Unlimited scalability! PSYC is used to network several chat servers to handle thousands of people as they textually meet pop legends like Lionel Richie (20 servers involved) or sports stars like the German national soccer players. Even the Olympics and the Miss Germany ceremonies were treated to interactive coverage, not forgetting the Bambi, Germany's most important media awards. In the meantime the PSYC implementation learns how to do decentralized friendship management.


Regular event chats with German politicians like president Rau, Angela Merkel, Trittin, Stoiber, Däubler-Gmelin on the platform of politik-digital. by the way, PSYC can now be used to remote control an mp3 player.


Relaunch of DIE ZEIT. started web-based event chats during the German elections reaching peaks like the video chat event with Guido Westerwelle, the leader of the liberal party. Real Networks confirmed that we were the first to implement such a high affluence chat event with video streaming in the history of the Internet.


The new psyced chat server thinks PSYC and acts as a webchat. deployed at stern.de it places itself in the top five of Germany's chat systems. other magazines like GEO and TV TODAY join in. first VIP chat for Germany's leading news programme "tagesschau" featuring Esther Dyson. our founder gets a job offer from a notable company in Redmond.