Event chat and multicast technology from symlynX is known to scale well. We have been hosting some of the largest Internet events with famous guests like Harrison Ford, Justin Timberlake or Angela Merkel. Twice already have projects of ours been conferred a Grimme Online Award. We're nerds, but we're good at it.

The symlynX technology is based on PSYC, a next generation conferencing protocol. Our technology is typically used directly with your web browser, be it in HTML, as a Flash™ or Java™ applet. But we also provide IRC, XMPP/Jabber and more.

Combined with our own RTMP-compatible server technology we're also in the audio/video chat/messaging and telephony business now. We plan to integrate audio/video functionality in all of our systems. No matter how many users take part in an event, we'll be able to pick out any webcam and broadcast it for everyone else to see. Click below for some demos:

A very simple text based multi-user chatroom which is easy to integrate into your website.

A Flash-Jingle bridge. This allows to have a telephone conversation with a Jingle user.

Powerful multi-user chat and push-to-talk video conferencing, easy to integrate into your website.